Reading, Blogging, Being Positive, and Love….Oh My!


Reading and Blogging
In the past few weeks I think I have spent more time reading (and enjoying) other blogs than I have spent thinking about what to write in my own. But hey, why stress about it. This is suppose to be fun, right? In some ways I think this mimics my own personality. Meaning that sometimes I just love to sit, listen and observe those around me. This can sometimes be misunderstood as a lack of interest. No, No, and No. That’s not it at all. When I have something to say, I say it. Many years ago someone once described it this way “Still waters run deep.”

Now, if Becky were here to give her 2 cents at this point she would probably say something like “Watch out, because once he decides it’s time to say something you might be there for a while.” Whaaat?

It’s amazing how after so many years together I can actually hear her response in my head without her being here to say it. And, she would probably respond by saying “Good, now it’s like I can be in two places at once which is a great way to multitask!”

Here are four blogs which I have been enjoying lately.

The Kitchens Garden
Fantastic pictures! Have a look at the recent guest posts from other farmers which have been very enjoyable and where I found Brat Like Me.

The Aran Artisan

One Man and His…


Being Positive
It’s interesting how our internal dialogue can so easily turn negative at times. I have raised this topic with several people and it’s very interesting to note that a commonality is that, for many people, negativity is the default with their internal mind chatter. I’m not even referring to the potential for spoken negativity. Which, by the way, flows from the bad internal dialogue. Which brings me to my point, why is negativity the default for so many people? Why is it such a struggle to have a positive internal dialogue? Shouldn’t the default be to think good thoughts, and negativity should be a struggle?

Why does this even matter? Now I might lose some people here because this may sound “way out there”.
Your thoughts determine how you feel….and those feelings create what you experience. Negative thoughts bring negative feelings, resulting in negative experiences. Positive internal dialogue (thoughts) generate positive feelings and positive experiences! Wow…..that’s soooo deep.

If that was too heavy for a Friday…..I will bring it back down with some talk about Love. Sure, why not! It’s February, it’s freezing out and I can’t plant anything. I can’t figure out how to order every seed in the seed catalogue because we just don’t have the space for that kind of variety….so why not write about Love.

Love and Valentine’s Day
I once worked in a job which did considerable business on Valentine’s Day. I would see mostly men come into the shop absolutely desperate to buy something…anything. Becky and I never really bought into the idea of Valentine’s Day. A bit too commercial. I wanted to share a little secret with each of these guys when they came in. “Pssst. Hey buddy, want to know something? Do nice things for her at random times throughout the year and you won’t put so much pressure on yourself on this one day. The importance of this one day is diminished. It’s better for everyone.”

Many years ago Becky said to me “Why would I want this show of Love to be limited to a single day of the year? Spread it out. It’s about the small things you do throughout the year.”

Huh? What does this mean to my man-brain trained by advertisers to believe I must buy something on Valentine’s Day? Time to get quiet again and mull this over.

Emerging from the cave like a wise sage, I now understood.

Here are a few things which I do for Becky to surround her with Love. They are not extravagant things, but they don’t need to be. On a very cold day, while she is in the shower, I will warm up her towel in the dryer and then quietly put it within arms reach. Toasty warm! Another is to send her flowers on a completely random day…just because! Or, during the summer when our peonies are in bloom, I will cut one early in the morning and leave it on her nightstand while she is still asleep. Who wouldn’t like to wake up to the scent of a peony in the air.



Becky says she’s a lucky woman. I’m a humble guy, so I won’t say anything about that. However, sometimes I joke with her and say “Don’t all guys do these things?”

Have a great weekend!
Stan (…and Becky)

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  1. Aw, Stan Why am I just seeing this now? And you linked to me! So touched by that. I didn’t get notice of that and don’t believe I got notice in my Reader of this post either! I have been thinking about you so much. Just popped over when you liked my current post thinking ‘where the heck has he been?’ Silly, I know, but there are a couple who I really look forward to bantering with and you top the list. Anyhoo, nuff of that.

    On the post I just did I debated linking to people to also write ‘Love in 10 sentences’ but decided against it. Wasn’t sure it would just kind of annoy people, you know the whole chain letter thing. In the end I deleted the names and reasons I chose them–I love their blogs, etc and you were on the list, feeling it a risk–how would he feel writing about love I wondered. Duh.

    I really, really love this post, and once again you and Becky are doing it like Johnny and I. We aren’t against V-Day, but just don’t really acknowledge it. It is year round love we share and express also.

    Your thoughts on being positive are worth reading every single day, first thing in the morning and first thing before bed. They matter that much. So happy I am not off at school. Said to Johnny last week, ‘I am in the vortex.’ Happy thoughts, feeling great! Inspired!

    And exhausted…my internet has been horrible for the most part of ten days or so and is just repaired so I have been playing catch up reading posts. It is after 3 a.m. here and now I have to sneak into bed without waking hisself up.

    Hello and hugs to Becky. Talk soon.
    Melissa Xx

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  2. I am up way past my bed time once again. Working best these days in the silence of a sleeping household. Nice to hear you and Becky are well. You are always welcome, anytime in our home.
    I am working on my garden notes, sowing schedule, etc. The only thing that can really be done in the garden for a few more weeks. Don’t want to wish my life away, but always look forward to warmer days this time of year. I’ll take each day as it comes I suppose. And as a wise friend of mine once quoted “Today is definitely going to be a good day.” 😉 That is if I get my arse out of this chair and up to bed… it’s half past one here, yikes!

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