Chocolate Chip Cookies

Snow, snow, and more snow! So we took advantage of our stay at home day and made: several meals to put in the freezer for weekday lunches; chopped fruit for the next few days; made a double batch of Becky’s Killer Kimchi; and some healthy homemade granola. Add in some other regular household chores and we are both done for the night!!!!

Ah, but what about dinner? I’ve got a great idea! I’ll whip up a quick batch of Chocolate Chip cookies.

We could call it an ‘appetizer’! But the way things are going….it could be dinner! It’s not like I didn’t plan for the future…..I froze the other two dozen cookies worth of dough for another day.


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  1. Who knew snow could be so motivating?! That’s a nice looking plate of appetizers, dinner, err, cookies 🙂 .White and milk chocolate?
    I just ordered napa cabbage and daikon radish seeds. I loved my kimchi last year, but Becky’s is definitely the real deal so I will be using her recipe, not soon enough. I would love to buy the ingredients, but they are impossible to get my hands on here.
    Glad to hear you have not let cabin fever make you listless. Xx

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